Armelle van Helden photography

About Armelle

I started with photography 5 years ago. First with Canon’s 50D digital SLR camera and now with the 5D Mark III full frame camera.

You can find me and my camera often at concerts and festivals, for instance at Paradiso, Melkweg, Tivoli, 013 and HMH. I go there as photographer for Maxazine or Rockmuzine.

Festivals come and go. In 2014 I checked out these new festivals: Down the Rabbit Hole (Lowland’s little sister), Encore (hiphop and R&B) and The Brave festival (sing-songwriters). And then there are those festivals where I just have to go every year, because they have an awesome line-up (Best Kept Secret, Dour) a location unlike the others (deBeschaving) or present a crossover between pop and classical music (Cross Linx).

My camera of course also goes with me on vacations and to fun events like Elf Fantasy Fair, Castle Fest and China Light.

In my hometown, Utrecht, I like to document Stukafest (a festival for and with students, with music, literature and cabaret) but also the Goths that gather on the Domplein when it’s time for Summer Darkness.

Please take a look around and if you have any questions, contact me.